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An SEO Consultant is Worth Your Money

Hiring an SEO consultant is sometimes a more effective way to measure your efforts than an agency is. Often times you don't need all of the resources that an agency says they provide and you can be "over-billed" for their many services. Say you just started your website and need to make sense out of it. An independent SEO consultant can look at your Google Analytics and Webmasters profile and make sense out of your visitor flow. They can tell you many things:

  • The keyword visitors use to get to your site.
  • How many unique visitors you get each day.
  • How fast your web pages load. (an important factor that Google takes into account).
  • Bounce rate. (are your visitors leaving fast once they get there?)
  • Crawl rate. (how often Google indexes your site).
  • On-page effectiveness. (your title tags, meta descriptions, page content).

Best Practices When Hiring

The first thing you want to do is check references. We're often judged by the company we keep and this holds true in the SEO world as well. It's important to hire someone who has a steady track record of working well with previous clients. A dependable SEO consultant will have a workflow that makes sense to your company or organization and will be there during designated hours to answer questions about the campaign and their current efforts. Another important thing to consider is having an SEO that has a working technical knowledge of how websites work: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, server speed, best hosting practices etc. Without having these basic skill sets it's hard to consult clients on how their information architecture should lay out.

Clayton Curtis is an independent SEO consultant living in Atlanta, GA.

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