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Digital Marketing: Fast, Lean, Efficient

Gone are the days of traditional marketing. In this new, technology-driven business environment new forms of marketing are taking stronghold. Among these new forms:


Email marketing services are popular because they solve many communication problems. They help reach a new audience in an efficient and effective manner. They also help you stay in contact with your current customer base - allowing you to send out messages when there are new promotions or you're launching a new product. There are many online software programs you can use to see who is opening your email, how long they're staying there, and what links they click on. This is an extremely effective way to gauge the effectiveness of the copy and images in your email messages.


Video marketing is also an effective channel for marketing. With services like YouTube, Vimeo, and BrightCove the distribution channels are practically limitless. Many of these networks are also capable of handling high definition video that can be viewed on mobile devices like iPad, Android, and iPhone. It's incredible to me, how there are still so many companies that don't properly use video in their online marketing. Video is also extremely useful in situations where you want your content to rank higher in search engines. The SEO benefits of using self-hosted video are numerous.


Pay-per-click advertising has built Google's fortune. While not as effective and long-lasting as SEO there is still a place in the new marketing landscape for it. For brand-ability it's priceless. Companies will often bid against their own brand name and the impressions alone are worth the spend. Some keywords can be higher to bid on though and that's where you have to be careful. An inexperienced PPC practitioner will often throw a lot of money at the problem and at the end of the day their conversion rate may be a dismal 1%. Using proper analytics programs can help determine ROI on PPC spending.

Many different methods exist to reach your customers on the digital landscape. Gone are the days when companies wildly throw money at newspaper and magazine ads only to realize that they've wasted their money. Digital marketing enable companies to target audiences with sniper-like precision.

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