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How Web Hosting Speed Affects SEO

The speed of your web hosting can greatly affect your SEO efforts. Google's algorithm has evolved considerably over the years and it's now more important than ever to monitor your website's load time. This is true not only for the homepage, but your inner-pages as well. Blog posts, webpages and even category pages need to be monitored and improved if possible. The faster your pages load, the better search engines will value your website. There are many factors that could impact the load time of your website and not all of them are reliant on your web host. Often times, webmasters forget that excessive content on a page (such as too many comments on a single post) can impact your website's load time and eat up bandwidth on the server.

Slow web hosting is a negative attribute to both readers and search engines Google's algorithm now accounts for the speed of a website when determining which websites should rank first. Having slow web hosting will not only be seen negatively by your readers, but Google may penalize you as well. If your website has outgrown the shared hosting plan you are currently on, you may want to think about upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server. Web hosting companies usually offer these options for their customers that have large websites which consume a lot of bandwidth or disk space. It's important not to delay this upgrade as your hesitation on spending more money for better hosting could be impacting your SEO and taking money from your pocket.

Web hosting is not the only factor when it comes to a slow website There are times when a website loads slowly not because the web hosting is poor, but because the website maintenance is poor. It's important to regularly check your website's bandwidth consumption as this can tell you a lot about the speed of your website. If you're consuming more bandwidth than makes sense for the number of visitors that you receive monthly, there may be something impacting these numbers and slowing down the server. Such factors include too much content on your pages, a malicious file uploaded to your website or even a simple programming error.

On-site factors are becoming a much stronger contributor to search engine optimization. What was once a Google algorithm completely reliant on keyword presence and number of backlinks, has quickly become something far more complex. Don't forget about simple factors like the speed of your web hosting when you are running an SEO campaign.

This article is written by Pedro Sanchez of HomeHost.com.br he is also a contributor to the Home Host Blog.

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