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What Is Online Marketing and What Are the Most Common Strategies Involved

Online marketing involves promoting and selling products utilising the internet. There are two main advantages of using the internet to sell and promote products. The first is that sellers can reach a wider audience in a global scope and for the most part the method is substantially cheaper than traditional methods like newspaper advertisements, commercials, etc.

Over the years, online marketing has grown considerably and companies catering to just about any product item have developed their online presence more so when social media become overly popular. It has become very easy for companies to promote products and reach out to their loyal supporters too. Not only has this helped companies expose their products to their audience, it also helped the companies know more of what their audience wants.

There are many types of online marketers. There are those who established online stores where in they can sell physical or digital products with ease. Hosting sites that help these online entrepreneurs include eBay and Amazon. There are those who do affiliate marketing as well. This type has grown in popularity over the past ten years. The way it works is that, affiliates would help sellers drive traffic to their products and for every sell incurred, a portion of that goes to the affiliate. Websites like Clickbank and Amazon have effective and highly profitable affiliate programs. Clickbank deals almost exclusively to digital products with very high commissions per sale.

As the web matures even more and more employed technologies become present, different strategies to promote or sell products, such as those used by online marketing agency yoma.co.uk, have become the driving power that fuels online marketing campaigns. One of the oldest and sure-fire ways to expose people to their products is through search engine optimisation, wherein a website is optimised so that it will show up in the top pages of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more the site is optimised, the more likely it is for people to visit their sites which in most cases, more visitors, more sales.

Other popular methods include Pay per Click, Pay per View, Video Marketing - which involves utilising websites like YouTube for example, and social media marketing using websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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